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Plasterboard has been available since the 1920s although its early use was mainly confined to ceilings where it proved a cost effective and quick alternative to traditional lath and plaster.

Plasterboard basically comprises a core of gypsum plaster with added aggregates and thick paper linings bonded either side. Their lightweight and low thermal capacity means that they will warm up quickly where heating is intermittent and will help reduce the risk of surface condensation. Plasterboard linings are not suitable for areas of high humidity or areas which are permanently damp.

Today's plasterboards satisfy requirements from space division to demanding fire, sound, thermal, moisture and impact resistance, providing durable, high quality linings for walls and ceilings, lift shafts and stairwells, corridors and auditoria.

The main types of boards are...

  • Wallboard is used for a variety of applications including drylining walls, lining ceilings, and on stud partitions. Typical thicknesses include 9.5mm, 12.5mm 15mm and 19mm. It is available in range of sizes, 1800 x 900, 2400 x 900, 2400 x 1200mm, 3000 x 1200mm and can have tapered or square edges. The tapered edges are designed for direct decoration or skimming and the square edges for skimming or textured finishing.
  • Vapour board is the same as wallboard but has an inner face covered with a thin membrane. These are used in situations where there is a risk of condensation or damp.
  • Thermal board is a wallboard with insulation bonded to the inner face. The insulation can be of various types, including polystyrene, and phenolic foam and thicknesses. Thermal boards often contain an integral vapour control layer to minimise the risk of condensation and damp.
  • Moisture resistant board is usually 2100 x 1200 with a thickness of 9.5 or 12.5mm. They can be used for external soffits or as a base for wall tiling around showers or in wet areas.

Plasters offer a comprehensive choice of undercoats and finishes for every application from traditional hand applied two coat work to re-plastering after damp proof course installation, machine applied projection and plasterboard finishing.

The frame system means no compromise, just the quality, strength and durability that provides the backbone for all wall, ceiling, lining and encasement systems. The metal components are...

  • Precision engineered for premium quality
  • Lighter to carry and handle
  • Easier to cut and fit
  • Rigidised for extra strength
  • Enhanced screw fixing and retention
  • The only metal components to carry our SpecSure® lifetime system performance warranty when installed in our proprietary systems.

 Advanced fire protection boards and other performance boards and accessories have been developed to provide extra levels of protection to life and property in a range of demanding building applications.

Acoustic wall and ceiling systems provide amongst the most versatile design aesthetic options in the market, whilst incorporating the unique environmental properties of natural gypsum. The systems help to provide balanced solutions for projects where acoustic control is a consideration. The range includes both lay-in grid tiles, planks and seamless boarded solutions and encompasses a wider choice than ever, from the popular vinyl-faced range, to the Gyptone and Rigitone ranges, all with exciting patterns, designed to enhance even the most demanding interior environment. 

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