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Which kitchen look should I choose?

  • Contemporary look is the leading edge in design, embracing the latest materials and fashionable components, including glass and steel. Colours used are mainly black, white and red whilst shapes include angles and curves.
  • Classic kitchens are individual and timeless in their design and appeal. Typically made from materials that are hand selected for natural colour and beauty of grain, they compliment and contrast against painted sections bringing all aspects to life.
  • Traditional is inspired by the past. These many designs resemble styles that have stood the test of time. The furniture is more detailed in its appearance with the use of fully framed construction, pelmets and pilars. A traditional kitchen will mould itself into a space as if it had been there forever.


  • Acrylic is the premium non-porous work surface that creates a hygienically beautiful environment. This solid surface material has the ability to be seamlessly fabricated into flowing surfaces, with integrated sinks, drainers and other features.
  • Granite is the toughest of all kitchen worktop materials and it is heat and scratch resistant. In addition, granite can be pre cut to any design you like. This makes it the best material for a quality bespoke kitchen.
  • Stone worktops make a kitchen look expensive, even if you choose low-cost units. Limestone comes in a range of golden shades, is porous and acids may turn a polished finish matt. Marble is usually available in white and pastel with veining and is a popular choice for traditional kitchens. Slate, on the other hand, comes in various depths of grey and, if sealed properly, fares well and adds a sleek, modern look to any kitchen. And finally, engineered stone or composites are hard-wearing, stain-resistant and come in a range of natural or bold colours.
  • Laminate worktops are the perfect alternative to acrylic, granite or stone. A comprehensive selection of decors offer opportunities from the most modern applications to the more traditional. With 61 exciting finishes, 23 in the popular Classic profile and 38 in the unique Quadra profile, there is definately something for everyone.


A superb range of sink designs are available in a wide range of durable materials, shapes and sizes. And whether you seek a cutting edge contemporary or a classic look, a huge selection of taps are also available to complement your choice of sink.

Whilst considering a hood, look for a Company that manufactures their hoods with Sil-K technology. These are over sixteen times quiter than most other standard hoods on the market today.


Choosing the right appliances for your kitchen depends mostly on your budget and the style that fits your look and space. Appliances should account for about 15% of your total kitchen budget. You will need to consider which appliances you wish to include and whether they should be integrated or freestanding.

The main ones are...

  • Coffee Machine
  • Microwave
  • Waste Disposal and the like.
  • Cooker or Hob
  • Dishwasher
  • Oven and Warming Drawer
  • Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer
  • Fridge and Freezer

There are so many options to consider let one of our trained Consultants help you with all that you need.

So why not contact us, visit our showroom in Bagot Road or call us on 01534 888000?