Renovating a tired, dreary bathroom is not a difficult task if you can keep the same basic layout. There are lots of ways to update your bathroom if you are on or wish to stick to a budget.

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Wetroom Systems

A wetroom is an elegant and desirable solution for virtually any bathroom with its luxurious, contemporary feel and efficient use of space. The systems available are designed to allow the simple and cost effective creation of a wet area, thus creating the feeling of space.

The uncluttered simplicity sets your design ideas free. The whole space becomes a 'blank canvas' to create a stylish individual showering space.

The wetroom system suits both timber and concrete floors so whatever kind of house, flat or apartment you live in, you can enjoy the luxury and freedom of a wetroom.

Wet Rooms are also the ideal solution for the disabled. A disabled wetroom allows a completely level access for wheelchair users and those with walking difficulties and is more spacious than most enclosed shower trays.

Showers & Coakrooms

Before choosing a shower, it is important that you understand the way in which the hot water is delivered in your house. Some showers cannot be used with some heating systems so we strongly recommend you consult a qualified plumber before purchasing anything.

Approximately 1.3 million shower units are installed yearly, increasing each year as the general trend shifts from wanting a bath to a quick shower! A fresh, invigorating way to start the day, a shower is convenient, space-saving, and also energy efficient, using on average only one-fifth of the water it takes to fill a bath.

Alternatively, adding an en-suite or extra toilet can make a big difference when you have visitors and add value to your home. Look for dead space that you are not using for anything important and that is near the waste pipe. For example, you could use the space currently taken up by fitted wardrobes in a bedroom, or use a partition wall to divide the room.

If you want a downstairs cloakroom, think about space you could use under your stairs or divide an area in the kitchen or utility room.

Mirrors, Lighting & Taps

Mirrors are a practical addition that no bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom can do without. They give you the opportunity to show off your design savvy. There are now mirrors to reflect all corners of your design personality with functional tweaks, beautiful curves and modern fittings as well as decorative lights and practical sockets.

Lighting has developed dramatically over the past few years and designs have moved from a simple central fitting to become more of a fashion feature. Mood lighting has become the norm, not something just seen in glossy magazines. Lighting, given a little thought and used correctly, can add another dimension to a room.

There are a few bathroom fixtures that can make all the difference to the overall appearance of the room. One of the most important is of course the taps. Buying the right taps will ensure that you have long-lasting and satisfying results as well as top-notch, elegant and sparkling. 

Whether it is a bathroom, shower, cloakroom or wetroom you are looking for, contact us, visit the showroom in Bagot Road or call one of our trained Consultants on 01534 888000.